Wednesday, July 14, 2010

i will miss you
i will love you

cause you are mine
and i'm yours

promise you i be with you
will try my best to make you happy for everyday
i won't let you be sad

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Its my fault
please come back to me
i really need you
a freedom without you has no meaning at all
i hurt you
i do a lot of things that made you sad
i'm stupid
i'm useless
but i love you
i hope you forgive me for one last time
days without you is really hard
i spoil your hope when you wanted to be with me again
i am very very sad
i wish i could make a time machine
and we could start all over again
from now on
i hope i won't do anything wrong
i wish i could have you back in my life
that's all i'm breathing for
i can't dream yet another dream
without you lying next to me

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

To everyone out there.
i'm fine ok?
please go concern her ba.
don't worry bout me.
why don't just leave each other alone?
why don't just break up?

it's really suffering for thinking
don't wanna waste our time
i don't wanna care bout regret anymore
i'm tired enough
i'm gonna do it soon

Single : Total freedom, sometimes lifeless.
Couple : Feel loved, cared. But no freedom.

what i need is freedom with loved

Monday, June 14, 2010


what the fuck is wrong with you? =x

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Dead blog~

long time no post shit in here.
cause long time.
cause time is too long.

well, bought new basketball shoe.
and twist my ankle another again.
feeling so fucking right baby.
forget give people step new shoe.
careless mistake.
bought new shoe cant play ball.
boring sia.
holiday also nothing do want.
gonna get * next week.
guess what's that la.

waiting timmy come my house next week.
then we enter go kl find pet shop.
need find a turtle dock for my little baby turtle.
want them too have a better living place =)

next week gonna go back old house to play ball with my friends.
damn long didnt go back there already.
i bet their skills suck xD
since they long time didnt play ball.
cause once i move to new house, no one will call them to play.
so suck to be them.

kay la.
nothing say already
chao outside~!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

All About Men

as stated, all about men's concert live in genting.
i watched it!!
woo xD
damn happy man..
get to see Kevin and Bosco live~
i shake hand with Kevin and i tried to shake hand with him twice but failed =P
well too bad that my dad wasn't incharge of that concert, if not i sure will take picture with 4 of them..
they keep throw posters and clothes but i didn't get a single want..
there's a chance when i can get the poster throw by Kevin, but my another hand was busy holding the camera, and the poster drop on the floor, then i try to take it but someone faster than me.. wah, when that fellow take that poster, i damn freaking mad leh.. if this not concert, i think i whack kao that guy d.. LOLS
their concert picture will upload soon..